Planning a Colorado Wedding?

With so much to do when you’re planning a Colorado wedding, it’s can be easy to overlook the importance of hiring the right wedding band. Maybe you’ve got a recommendation from a friend, and you’ll get to it later. Perhaps you did a quick Google search and it became kind of overwhelming to figure out what sound you wanted, and what was involved with getting a bluegrass band from booking to performance to tearing down equipment at the end. Your evening reception is the time to celebrate your nuptials and let loose after the formality of your wedding ceremony, and we get that – you want to do so in style. If things go well, you’ll enjoy a night you’ll never forget. If not, you could be left with an anticlimactic, empty dance floor, with your guests making their excuses and slinking away early.

scott slay and the rail denver co bluegrass wedding

Live Music vs. DJ Sets

Out of all the wedding entertainment options available to you, why hire Scott Slay & the Rail? With the caliber of bluegrass music we provide, you can replicate the buzz of attending a live concert at your wedding with minimal effort. Live music is unrivaled to a DJ, a pre-recorded soundtrack from your laptop, vocal ad-libs, and that cute cover band your cousin’s kids put together. Our bluegrass band generates a sound and atmosphere that recorded music simply cannot replicate: spine-tingling vocal harmonies, jam-centric improvisation on the guitar, mandolin, and fiddle and jaw-dropping bass solos are real show-stoppers when experienced live. Something your DJ can’t keep up with. That’s not to mention the audience interaction you get with charismatic professional performers who know how to work a crowd. And we promise we do.

Your First Dance

What could make that special moment when you share your first dance as a married couple even more perfect? How about a perfect, live rendition of your song, performed by exquisitely talented musicians, and rehearsed for weeks to precision? Some bluegrass bands will charge extra for learning new songs, playing the wedding rehearsal, etc. We don’t do that. We’ll learn any song, in any style we play, and we’ll even work with you to make sure that you’re happy with it before you hear it on your wedding day.

Themed Colorado Weddings


scott slay and the rail colorado farmhouse bluegrass wedding

The best part about living in Colorado, at least to us, is the beautiful Rocky Mountains that surround Denver. Not only is it something that compliments a Colorado wedding, it makes the rustic, farmhouse theme a staple in planning. Bluegrass music fits perfectly within this theme. And we’re not talking that old, boring stuff your grandparents listened to. We want to see everyone having fun – dancing, enjoying themselves. Hiring a bluegrass wedding band is the perfect way to bring everything together.

Pack the Dance Floor

And keep it full. Our bluegrass group, Scott Slay & the Rail, is made up of immensely experienced live performers with hundreds, if not thousands, of events under their belts. This wealth of knowledge means we know exactly how to get your guests in the mood for a party, performing tried and tested set lists of Bluegrass, Folk, Americana, and even Country songs that make crowds of all ages go crazy and create a captivating atmosphere throughout the evening. All with a Bluegrass twist. Pauses in Performance Many Colorado bluegrass bands will need breaks during your wedding reception. After all, we’re human beings. But with Scott Slay & the Rail, you’re not going to see us take a fifteen minute break every 45 minutes. That’s not how we operate, because we feel that constant breaks interrupt the guest experience. We keep the party in full swing, without a lull. Our breaks are minimal, well-timed, and come with complimentary DJ service when we can’t be on stage, such as when someone needs to make a toast, or if we’re in need a quick bathroom break. In the average three hour set, we take one 15 minute break.

What Comes With a Performance?

Scott Slay & the Rail is made of experienced professionals who’ll help the whole evening flow. We know how important your wedding day is to you. Drawing upon extensive experience, we bring a reassuring, reliable musical presence to events, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and to plan. You’ll be able to discuss timings and arrangements for the night our band prior to the event, leaving you free to dance the night away, secure in the knowledge that your wedding reception or wedding rehearsal is in safe hands. We can even develop a contingency plan for anything you might worry needs a backup strategy. We can play indoors, outdoors, or both, weather permitting.

In addition to this, we also provide at no additional cost:

  • High quality compact Bose PA system fit to fill an amphitheater with iPad-based live sound engineering
  • Wireless microphones and wireless instrument pickups to avoid a slew of unsightly cables at your event
  • Performance lighting, if desired
  • Mic stands, power strips, extension cords, surge protectors, waterproof coverings and related support equipment
  • Neutral rugs and other high-quality materials to cover the performance area (no stains, rips, or tears), if desired
  • Facilitating speeches, emcee work (speaking when needed), announcements, running toasts, etc.
  • Professional dress, tailored to your event – no jeans, no sneakers, no sportswear – we can also dress to match your colors or wedding theme upon request

What we don’t provide (we get asked more than you would think):

  • Tents, gazebos, other performance structures Backdrops, green screens, and other photography/film equipment
  • Twinkle lights, Christmas lights, other decorative lighting
  • Tables, chairs, and/or tablecloths Space heaters, fans, or other climate control equipment


Scott Slay & the Rail works with any wedding budget and any event of any size. We can customize your event, build a package to play both your rehearsal and wedding, or provide a rate for a solo performance or instrumental cameo during the ceremony. We’ll work with you until we get it right.

Once you’re happy and ready to move forward, we collect a small nonrefundable deposit equal to 10% of the performance price, write an easy-to-read agreement (no legal jargon here) so you can put this on the back burner, and focus on the wedding plans that matter most you and your fiancé.

The best part? We have flexible cancellation. Cancel up to 7 full days before your event, and that’s it. No extra fees, no additional deposits, no cancellation fee.

Book Scott Slay & the Rail for Your Colorado Wedding

scott slay the rail colorado bluegrass wedding music band

To book your dream bluegrass wedding band, click here. You’ll find a contact form asking you for pertinent information about your event and someone will get back to you within 48 hours, but often much sooner. Scott Slay & the Rail is suitable for any budget, aiming to make booking your Colorado wedding entertainment simple, secure and hassle-free.

If you’ve got any questions about hiring our bluegrass band for wedding entertainment, we would love to chat with you, any time of day, to answer any performance or scheduling questions you may have – free of charge. We’re available from 10am until 10pm MT, seven days a week, including bank and major holidays. Happy wedding planning!